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hp_fanfiction's Journal

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Harry Potter Fanfiction
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Hello fellow aspiring writers!

Welcome to this community for Harry Potter fanfiction. Here we share fics we have read and enjoyed, new fics that catch our interest, and even show off fics we write ourselves! Now I hate being someone with strict rules, but we need to get a few things straight! ^_~

1) This is a community for ALL people. Meaning what we like, may not be what you like.

2) Respect, we want that more than anything. If someone likes a fic, let them like it, they have different tastes than you do. If you're not into OOC fics, and someone puts in a link, then just don't read the fic. It's entirely optional.

3) Feel VERY free to put fics in the community, but I beg of you, for longer fics please please PLEASSSSSSEEE LJ-cut it, if you don't want to LJ cut, then post a link to the fic, we don't want over-flooded posts that we have to scroll for hours to see. ^_^; It tends to annoy people.

4) Did you ever write a fic? SHOW US! Link us, tell us, let us all see what a great writer you are! Flaunt your writing, shamelessly plug in links to the sites it's on!

5) This is most important, please, no flaming. If somebody writes a fic, and you don't like it then keep it to yourself. All we are is a happy place where we all just want to have fun and write fanfiction. Some people write differently than others, and we need to respect that.

6) Any fanfics are allowed, any pairing, slash, we accept everything.

7) Did I mention? LJ-CUT IF YOU POST A FIC/FIC CHAPTER. PEOPLE GET ANNOYED WHEN THEY HAVE TO SCROLL DOWN A LOT. For the better of the community, and to ensure people are having fun here, we REALLY want you to lj-cut.

Well I hope you join, show off fanfics and most of all, have fun!

Any questions or concerns can be directed to silver.duelist [at] gmail [dot] com

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