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Hi My name is Siren :) its a nickname ^_^ and I am a writer. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and i love it :) i am also a fan of the Addams Family. So i have written a cross over of the Addams family (1991) and Harry Potter. Its mostly Morticia though.
I have spelling and grammer problems so if you see any spelling or grammer problems please tell me :)

Titile: Snape's Secret
Character: Harry Potter cast and Morticia Addams
Pairing -/-
Rating: PG
Summary: Snape and Morticia have a pasted Snape did something bad that Morticia will never forgive him for
Disclaimer: i dont own harry potter and etc


The all came seated in the great hall. “Whose that?” Hermione Said pointing to the teacher with long black hair seated at the end of the teacher's table. “Dunno. But I recognise her from somewhere” Ron said sitting down next to Harry. Dumbledore quickly quieted the students “Welcome to Hogwarts school” He started the students cheered. “I would like to introduce you too Prof. Morticia Addams” He stated pointing to a woman in a long black dress, with a pale face, long black hair and evil red lipstick. “Prof. Addams will be taking the post as Hex Master. You may recognise her from somewhere I would tell you but it's more fun letting you figure it out for yourselves Now that is all off to bed now.” Dumbledore said clapping his hands and everyone went off to bed.


Harry and Ron stayed up talking about the new Prof. “OK I know I've seen her somewhere. Just I have no idea where!” Ron said staring up at the ceiling. Harry looked up from his book. “Just ask her!” Harry said looking at Ron. Ron sighed turning over in his bed “Ah I'll think more about it tomorrow. Night Harry” Ron said turning off his light. “Night Ron” Harry said turning off his light and going to sleep



The next day....



What is your first class?” Ron asked Hermione as they walked down the hallway. “Hex with Prof. Addams” Hermione replied. As they walked down the hall Prof. Addams was talking to Prof. Snape “Can you forgive me Morticia?” Snape asked looking pleading at her. Morticia turns her head away from Snape. “For the pain you caused me Severus..........Never!” Morticia said then walked away. Harry looked at Snape with wide eyes. Then carried on walking to class.



Hex class


Sit down now! No talking! I am your Hex master Prof. Addams.....if anyone makes those stupid clicking sounds they will be in detention for the rest of 2008!” Morticia said harshly to her class she turned on the projector on to a screen and closed the curtains “Turn to page 109 Now!” She said and the whole class did as they were told. “This man here has been cursed. Miss Granger. Tell me. What curse has this person been cursed with?” Morticia asked pointing to the screen. Hermione gulped “Its Mental. You can't see it because it's in his head” Hermione answered hoping it could be right. “Correct Miss Granger. But what is the name of the curse?” Morticia asked raising her eyebrow. “It is called 'Teller-cobra' It can be inflicted by uttering the words poi, doll, visnew, rapidly two times.....may I have a volunteer Mr Potter how about you?” Morticia asked walking around the room. “Um OK” Harry said standing up and walking to the front of the class. “Students this is what happens when the 'Teller-Cobra' Is used” She explained as she got out her wand and pointed it at Harry “Poi, doll, visnew, poi, doll, visnew” She said fast. Harry clenched his head and fell to the ground in great pain “It causes the victim a great deal of pain” Morticia described “If it is left long enough it can kill them but that'll be for another day when Mr Molfoy volunteers” She said the class laughed at her joke. She turns to Harry with her wand ready “now to reverse it all you have to do is say the curse backward. Visnew, doll, poi, visnew, doll, poi” She said and the curse was lifted. Harry got up and dusted himself off and sat down. for the rest of the lesson the class worked on perfecting the 'Teller-Cobra'  when it came to near the end of the class Morticia stoped them from killing each other. and said  “Now that's it for today. Enjoy your lunch” she dismissed them. The class finished with what they were doing  rose and left the class room. Morticia waved her wand in the air and showed a picture of two children she smiles at this and grabs the pictue. It becomes a picture in a frame and she places it on her desk. She smiles and a tear falls down her pale skin face.





Harry walked the hallway late that night seeing Prof. Snape and Morticia arguing. “Morticia please! Everyday I see their faces! It torches me!” He said as he grabbed her shoulders. “So it should...I will never forgive you!” Morticia said before running off. Harry heard everything. But what he didn't understand was what they meant.




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