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So I’m looking for a fic I read a few years ago it starts with Severus getting ready to go back to Hogwarts, and think about how difficult his life is now that he’s about 3 months pregnant. Later is revealed that he found a strange room hidden in Hogwarts and Sirius stumbles in drunk , and rapes him. At first he deals with this on his own , but later a house elf at Hogwarts helps him out. He ends up having to move in that room just because he needs to hide so no one realizes he’s pregnant. Sirius see him though and realizes what he did, and they agree to raise the baby together. Severus gives birth to a baby boy, and he and Sirius move into together and start a relationship. Peter is evil still and tells Voldemort who decides he wants a child. He kidnaps Severus and rapes him . When James and Sirius rescue him they find out he’s pregnant again. In the epilogue he and Sirius are still together raising both kids, they both love each kid even if they know there’s a chance the youngest might not be Sirius’s child

Challange for an Advent Calendar

Hello everyone!

I had an idea that I now opened up as a promt challange on AO3.
I would love if any of you want to join in with an Harry Pottef story or 3. ;)
The idea is to write 24 small stories surrounding a certain spell, Harry Potter and winter/advent/christmas. The story can be in between 100 to 10 000 words. So anything from a small drabble to a full fledge multichapter story.
You can find the Challange here:

It would be great to make this a real advent calendar for the readers. Should any spells be left over I'll write something for them.

The following Spells are open to your choosing:
1. Dez: Alohomora
2. Dez: Evanesco - Vanishing Spell
3. Dez: Stupefy
4. Dez: Lumos
5. Dez: Repro claimed
6. Dez: Muffliato
7. Dez: Riddikulus - Funny Boggart Spell claimed
8. Dez: Avis - Hermione's bird conjuring Spell ;)
9. Dez: Waddiwasi - Remus Gum shooting Spell
(10. Dez: Aquamenti - Water Spell) claimed
11. Dez: Draconifors - Dragon Transform Spell
12. Dez: Illegibilus - Writing is unable to be read Spell
13. Dez: Orchideous - Flower Conjuring Spell
14. Dez: Appare Vestigium - Tracking Spell claimed
15. Dez: Rennervate - Reviving Spell
16. Dez: Arresto Momentum - Slowing Spell
17. Dez: Nebulus
18. Dez: Colloportus - Locking Spell
19. Dez: Crinus Muto - Hair Transfiguration Spell
20. Dez: Aparecium - Revealing Charm
21. Dez: Capacious extremis - Extension Charm (don't we all want Hermione's bag...)
22. Dez: Expecto Patronum
23. Dez: Nox
24. Dez: Finite Incantatem

Harry Under Dumbledore Control via Ancient Ritual

I'm trying to find a story where (for some reason), Harry is on Voldemort's side or neutral, and is talking with him. Dumbledore discovers this and using an ancient ritual, places Harry under it, which allows him complete control of Harry's actions. Harry is aware of this, and fights. Ron and Hermione notice, but help watch, as does Ginny. Eventually, Ron finds a way to help Draco break Death Eaters into the castle after being reassured that young kids and those who don't fight will not be harmed.
I know Harry ends up freed from the curse and hates wearing footwear as a result.
Please, any help? This has been one that is bugging me! Thanks!

Long shot

Im trying to remember a story and what I can remember is vague. Harry and Severus are together, go to Greece I believe on a honeymoon/trip and vacation on a beach. Later, they go back to that same home, inviting Sirius and Remus, who are together, as well as I believe Ron and possibly Draco? They love all the activities and such there, and I have no clue why this is bugging me, but any help would be appreciated it. I know its a long shot.

Dumbledore Kidnaps Harry

I am trying to find a story and I admit I only remember bits of it:
For some reason, Dumbledore is on the run. I believe he was supposed to be in St. Mungo's psych ward, but switched with his brother. He made Harry believe his partner was no longer alive and Harry destroyed the house they were in. Thus, his partner and friends had to find him as they knew he wouldn't accept word his partner was okay. The twins came up with the idea to use the Patronus Charm and fly after it until they found him.
If anyone remembers this, I would be grateful! I know its a long shot, but I had to try :).

Update: Due to help, I know know for sure it was Harry and Severus who were together. I also believe Harry thought Severus was dead due to their bond being blocked.
TO/TVD: Rebekah: Eyes

Fic: The Roommate (Hermione/Daphne/Pansy)

Title: The Roommate
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Daphne Greengrass/Pansy Parkinson
Word Count: 4939
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Explicit Language and sexual content, exhibitionism/voyeurism, threesome.
Summary: When Hermione returned to Hogwarts to finish her studies, she never thought she'd be invited to share a room with the Slytherin girls.
A/N: Written for the Fandom Growth Exchange. Also fills my "Midnight" square at Ladies Bingo.
AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12264477