crackbroom_mods (crackbroom_mods) wrote in hp_fanfiction,

come rec your fav stories!

Hello, all,

crack_broom is THE place to go to for good fan recs of any pairing or gen you can imagine. Feel free to browse through our tag list or rec database to find your fancy.

But we can't make this happen with recs from YOU! Please consider joining up to rec at least four fanworks (fic, art, podfic, vids) in any given month. We have loads of categories to choose from, including: most of the larger pairings (like Harry/Draco or Draco/Hermione), a featured pairing of your choosing if not already one of the larger ones, a featured character, crossgen, nextgen, femslash, and even crossovers with other fandoms.

For more information, check out the Big Queue, which has the list of current reccers and what's still open (LOTS!) as well as links to rules and templates and memories.

If you wish to sign up to fly a broom, please go here!

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